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McLaren to build £50m supercar chassis factory in Sheffield, UK
Sports car maker McLaren Automotive is building a £50m chassis factory in South Yorkshire, UK, creating 200 jobs.
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VMC MT Series: Universal solution for large chucked parts provides maximum flexibility and efficiency
The market for commercial vehicles has seen non-stop growth in recent years, especially in Europe. The industry association ACEA estimates that around 2.08 million new trucks, vans, and buses were approved in the EU in the past year. This represents growth of more than 12 percent on the previous year. Demand for heavy vehicles with more than 16 metric tons was especially high. For the manufacturers, however, this positive development goes hand in hand with a growing technological challenge.
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EMAG at the AMB: Expansion of the Modular Product Range
The success story of EMAG's modular machines continues at AMB. The modular machine concept was introduced by EMAG in 2011 and has turned into a favorite within the market. Starting with a focus on the development of vertical turning machines, in recent years, we have witnessed the integration of the EMAG Group’s full technology portfolio into this new machine model.
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John Deere Honors EMAG with Supplier Award
During its International Supplier Meeting, John Deere as part of their “Achieving Excellence“ program, – presented EMAG with its prestigious “Partner-Level-Supplier Award“ for 2015. This Partner-Level status is the highest supplier rating that Deere & Company awards. It underlines the excellent working relationship between the two companies and the quality of the production machines EMAG Group has supplied John Deere over the last six years.
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VM 9 Turning Center: maximum flexibility in heavy-duty machining
Massive workpieces and small batch sizes – in wind energy plants, commercial vehicle production or the aircraft industry these extremes can clash. The VM 9 turning center from EMAG not only provides a productive solution to these industry sectors, but also has the functionality to be loaded and unloaded automatically or manually based on the customers’ demands.
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Solid-State Versus Gas Lasers – Modern Laser Production Technology for Powertrain Components
Even a few years back major manufacturers utilized standard CO2 lasers in factories for welding applications. Massive systems installed in separate rooms away from the actual production process supplied the energy for what, at the time, was relatively new laser welding technology. Developments since then have continued and modern systems increasingly use solid-state lasers, which deliver a range of major benefits.
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Aviation team at EMAG ECM develops customized Aero solutions
The key components for aircraft turbines are made of high-tensile, heat-resistant materials. For example, the blade integrated discs – high-pressure compressors inside the turbine – are made of nickel-based alloys that put a lot of strain on milling tools. The components aren’t the only thing feeling the heat, the competitive pressure the aircraft manufacturers are under is rising, with their production planners forced to cut the throughput times for these components even more.
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Modular vertical turning machines used by turning specialist Schneto AG
Schneto AG, located in idyllic Bennwil, near Basel, specializes in the production of turned parts up to 65 mm in diameter. The company has made a name for itself because of the outstanding quality of the parts it manufactures. Its output covers a broad range of parts, including parts for furniture making, for hydraulics and pneumatics, electrical equipment, automobiles and construction equipment.
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The VL-Series from EMAG
The vertical pick-up lathes in the VL series represent a new machine concept from the EMAG Group: modular machines. Based on the extremely successful vertical pick-up system invented by EMAG, over 20 years of experience in machine solutions was utilized to develop this new machine model to comprise one of the most flexible and most effective manufacturing systems currently on the market.
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The all-rounder for highly flexible shaft machining
The “FAST 2025” study by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) describes a trend towards suppliers within the automotive value-added chain. At the same time, shorter product cycles and an increasing range of models will change the car market, according to the authors. But what these changes mean for the production processes of suppliers and subcontractors can be seen through the example of shaft machining.
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Impressive Technology from EMAG: Precise Electro-Chemical Machining (PECM) Replaces Engraving and Eroding
The packaging industry is a key example of the prevalent use of embossing and stamping dies. However, creating such embossing tools, with their delicate structure, to be durable against wearing during production is complex. It is easy to see how the traditional processes for manufacturing such dies can be costly. EMAG ECM offers a viable alternative, in the form of PECM, for the packaging and other industries using such dies.
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Modular manufacturing systems for the production of gears
Gear cutting requirements, for example in the manufacture of powertrain components, continue their trend of becoming increasingly stringent. Complex gearbox configurations pose enormous challenges when it comes to the quality of their components, which are also produced in ever larger quantities. With the new VLC series of modular machines, including the VLC 200 H vertical gear hobbing machine and the VLC 100 C vertical chamfering machine, EMAG offers the ideal solution needed to meet these production challenges.
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A Boost for Crankshaft Manufacturing
Grinding a crankshaft is an art in itself, as the demands made on this essential component found in every engine are huge: ever longer runtimes demand the highest precision in their manufacture. The radii not only have to be perfectly round, but the bearing surfaces have to be of perfect quality, too. In short: every surface of this pivotal engine component allows for only the tightest tolerances, otherwise there is no guarantee that the engine will run smoothly.
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Turning / milling centers for complex chucked parts
The machines in the VMC MT series are ideal production systems for chucked parts with complex geometries. Whether they are used for prototype production or for fast changes in small production runs, the VMC MT series from EMAG is ideally designed to meet the demands of flexible production situations thanks to the ergonomic accessibility of the machining area and the bottom-mounted workpiece spindle.
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How modular machines simplify production: EMAG at EMO 2015
Modular concepts are the star at EMAG booth B23 in hall 4 at EMO 2015 where modular machines will display their flexibility to be perfectly configured for a wide array of tasks. The newest modular automation system for fast and efficient linking to complete manufacturing systems as well as the new modular machine platform for processing large components will show not only how modularity simplifies production, but how it can also increase productivity.
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1-15 of 223 results